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We are The Star of The West filming team. We are making best 2020 Wild West movies and we are trying to reincornaty the western genre of the movies. So we decided to share our ideas with you. So here you can see our works, meet our filming team, become more familiar with filming and westerns. We hope that our content will be interesting for you and, well, who knows, may be some day you will make our dream come true.

So here are the benefits of reading our blog


We are going to show you how exactly the filming process looks like.


Our content is funny and you will always smile while watching our videos or readin articles.


Westerns are the most underrated genre of cinema. We will make you feel like the sheriff that holds the city


You will have a chance to see the most beautiful landscapes of the west that you have never senn before.

Let's dive into making movies together

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How Does It Work

1.  First we need an idea of how our movie should look like.

2.  then our team start looking for location with good views that pefectly fits our needs.

3.  We work on scenario, reviewing it, to be honets it is the hardest part.

4.  Then we need actors.

5.  The next steb is to film everything we were working on.

6.  And the final part is the editing.

Let's get to know our team

Xavier Kelley

Star Of The West

Kaitlin Carter

Star Of The West

Darren Wilson

Star Of The West

Ryan Craig

Star Of The West

Chris Willis

Star Of The West

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